Preparing Weekend with ISHA Eger

2016 March 4-6., Eger

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The hungarian sections of ISHA, namely ISHA Budapest and Eger spend a wonderful weekend together between  4-6th March.

At Friday afternoon we had our traditional “Preparing Workshop” at Eszterházy Károly Főiskola, where all the participants who applied and got accepted to ISHA Annual Conference of 2016 presented their own topics.  Besides the academic programs we also had different kind of cultural programs. We visited the famous and very traditional “Valley of the Beautiful Woman” aka Szépasszonyvölgye to have a dinner together. Next day we had a Thematic City Tour, when we visited Eger jewish and turkish memories and at the afternoon we had a trip to one of the country’s oldest cistercian abbey.  


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Via ducit omnis Budapest…

2015 October Weekend with ISHA Graz and Maribor

…or if not every, than fortunately, at least some roads lead to the Hungarian capital during the course of the long weekend between 23rd and 25th of October – as it was proven by ISHA Budapest’s dear guests from Graz and Maribor. This ocassion provided chances to enstrenghten the regional relationship between the aforementioned sections and also to spend the holidays among friends.
Upon their arrival on Friday morning and a refreshing lunch, the guests were taken to the Buda hills to try out the „Children’s Railway”. As for Saturday, our team completed a city-tour connected to the sites of the revolution of 1956, followed by the movie „The Witness” (A tanú) and a related discussion about the Socialist era in Hungary. On Sunday, the group visited the Museum of the National Assembly, which provided an insight to the one-thousand-year history of the country.
So much for the official program – but the goal of the long weekend lied somewhere else. As mentioned before, the meeting of Austrian, Hungarian and Slovenian students intended to be benefitial for both organizational and personal interests. As for the latter, the gathered ones could spend valuable time and could share a lot of laughs together – my favourite moment was the ISHA-styled re-interpretation of Da Vinci’s „The Last Supper”.
How can I say it better? ISHA is built up by groups of students of history, who can co-operate, meet and be friends outside of seminars and conferences. That is for the benefit of our organization as well. We encourage everybody to think and act accordingly – and as for that aim, building regional relationships are good projects to start with. Viva ISHA!