Dear All,

We have already heard from lot of the members of ISHA that you would like to participate in the New Year Seminar of 2017 in Budapest unofficially so that you could meet old friends, get new ones, and polish your skills too – which made us really happy. We also intend to be as open as possible to those international students who study in Hungary, would like to attend the event, but did not have the chance to apply for or was not enrolled to the seminar. If any of these descriptions fit you, please, fill in the following application form to the seminar specifically formulated for the so-called ‘freelancers’. The application is open from 9 November until 5 December.

You can find the application form here:

But what does it exactly mean to be a “freelancer”?
It means that you are welcome to join to all the open academic programs (like the Keynote Lecture at the Central European University, the Roundtable Discussion, the Final Conclusions or the different training lessons). If you want to join one of the workshops: we can arrange that too, but in this case, please do write us a short motivation letter of 500 characters to explain the reasons of why you are interested in that specific workshop. You can find the list of the workshops here:

The cultural and evening programs are also open to all freelancers (like Thematic City Tours, Field Trip to Szentendre, Traditional Hungarian Folk-Dancing House, Museums, Cultural Fair Night or the Pub Crawls etc.). Please note, however, that not all of them will be free of charge (you will find the approximate prices in the application form below).

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: you have to organize your own accommodation and you will have to pay for your public transport ticket individually. But of course, you can rely on our help in any case 🙂 Firstly, we advise you to check the hostel where the others will be accommodated to make sure if they have any free spots left:

If you want to join the common dinners, you will also have to pay for that for yourself.
The lunch will be at the Central European University’s Ground Floor Cafeteria. Here is the link to their FB page where you can check the prices and the menu offers. The daily menu will be around 990 HUF approx 3 €/day/meal.
And the restaurant where the dinners will be is the Gastland Bistro Király. From Monday to Tuesday, you can make use of the 2 hour-long “all you can eat period” for 1190 HUF/4€. For the period between Wednesday and Friday, the price is going to be 1390 HUF/5€.
You can find the whole program of the seminar here:

So upon reading this text, please do register in advance and as soon as possible, so that we can plan accordingly and help you with everything. 🙂

And last but not least: we kindly ask that everyone would check their emails regularly along with the ISHA Budapest Facebook page and our website ( so that you do not miss anything.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or on Facebook.

Hope to see you in Budapest!

All the best,

ISHA Budapest