INVITATION to the ISHA Budapest

New Year’s Seminar 2017


Dear ISHA colleagues and friends,

we are very happy to invite you all to ISHA Budapest’s New Year’s Seminar that will take place from Monday 9th until Sunday 15th January 2017 Budapest, Hungary. The topic of the seminar is “Xenophobia and Solidarity”.

The main idea behind the seminar as that nowadays, we usually see strength in the power and the talent of the individual – who, however, is a part of the vast family of humanity through the community. In fact, communities are bearing the same marks of distinctiveness as individuals, built on the foundation of ’I am defined by who I am not’.

Thus, the solidarity of sameness (’us’ or ‘in-group’) and the extreme feeling of xenophobia against the image of the ’other’ (‘out-group’) have existed side by side through history. However, not only within the stricts borders of communal spheres, but also in inter-communal relationships – as a consequence, the utilization of space is central and varied in this respect. The two aforementioned phenomena might make contrast, but can also overlap with each other – feelings of solidarity feared to be weak are often wished to be strengthened by stirring up xenophobia. This latter symptom is not unknown even to our modern days.

The New Year Seminar in Budapest aims to observe these hotly debated topics through various particular approaches. Workshops on movie culture, propaganda, diasporas, liberation and occupation, migration and integration or the image of the other as a form of exoticism – all are searching for answers in connection to various questions. How the images of ’us’ and the ’other’ are formed? Is there a possibility to break through these walls? Is the integrative or the exclusive type of community-building more successful? We hope to unfold these mysteries by our joint efforts between 9 – 15 January 2017.