Title: Common History and Society in the Post-Habsburg States
Date: 23-26 August 2015
Location: Balatonakali (Hungary)
Fee: 12.000 Ft (cca. 40 Euro)
Number of participants: 30

Application period: 29 June – 5 July 2015



ISHA Budapest was fortunate enough to organize the East-Central European regional seminar of ’Common History and Society in the Post-Habsburg States’ between August 23–26, 2016. The event was located at the Lake Balaton, where the participants – numbered thirty-three – could engage in discussions related to the topic of the seminar within the course of eight workshops, divided into two, one-day long blocks. The academic part was supplemented by a round-table discussion concerning the immigration crisis with the help of György Odze, Péter Galambos and the Tihany Centre for Political Analysis.

In addition to this, the event naturally provided opportunities for the participants to spend their free-time in an enjoyable and pithy way. The trip to Balatonfüred was highlighted by the professional guidance of Nándor Virovecz who managed to show us the mysteries of the historical town. It is also to be noted that the Budapest section of EGEA joined the last day of the seminar in the Hungarian capital.

Last but not least, several individuals are to be mentioned as outstanding participants and collaborators in the proccesses of the event’s coming-to-be and actual line of development. The former could not have been brought to life without the leadership of Lilla Zámbó and Árpád Bayer, the presidents of the Budapest section. Bálint Fekete did great as an official photographer – top-quality photos were taken, out of which it was hard to choose two. Csaba Szabó made a remarkable work in relation to design. The financial backbone – along with the organization of accommodation and meals – was provided by Dániel Molnár. Dóra Hegedűs – working as a general junior manager – and Fanni Juriga served a wonderful meal for the guests. All of these people – along with Zsófia Kisörsi – also took the obligation to lead workshops, in which task they all excelled. Last but not least, Daria Lohmann and Vincent Regente were present as special guests outside from the region – their participation made an already diversive and excellent group guests even more colorful.