Welcome to Budapest! Happy Birthday ISHA!

Dear ISHA colleagues and friends,
we are very happy to invite you all to ISHA – International Students of History Association’s 30th Anniversary and Annual Conference organized by ISHA Budapest, that will take place from Monday 2th until Sunday 8th September 2019 Budapest, Hungary. The topic of the seminar is “Recycle History”.

Its Coming!!!

Dear ISHA Members, Alumni,  Friends, and History students,

International Students of History Association has been established 30 years ago to help the dialogue between young historians in the uniting Europe and beyond and to facilitate thinking about our shared past. Thanks to hundreds, thousands of committed active members, ISHA developed into an important non-governmental association, offering a vivid and exciting space of intellectual exchange and friendship.

The past decades however – especially the last years – showed us that we cannot talk about an “end of history” in any sense of the term. It seems that in our changing societies there is a growing need for valid interpretations of history (histories). Recent political and cultural trends have been challenging the academic and pedagogical subject history, the role of the historian and history teacher. New approaches, scientific subjects appeared, which are both challenging and revitalising historiography. The idea behind our anniversary seminar is to have a selection of these new paradigms, “turns” which are questioning traditional approaches, but at the same time giving the opportunity to renew, “recycle” history.

Concerning our 30-years ISHA-family: our deep conviction is that there is maybe more need for dialogue, free discussion and academic solidarity than ever. We wish that ISHA keeps promoting these values, as it did in the last decades.